Annual Awards

Nominations for Annual Chamber Awards

The Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce will be presenting their slate of annual awards at their upcoming Winter Gala event in January. Nominations are being sought for four awards, including the Community Spirit Award, the Leader in Business Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Max Neal Award. The award criteria for consideration are listed below. Community members are invited to nominate deserving individuals! 

Community Spirit Award – must be awarded to a business and/or individual that has demonstrated leadership and excellence in philanthropy; must have encouraged civic initiatives, and/or facilitated humanitarianism; made a significant contribution within the last five years; positively impacted the community in which the business operates. Click here for a nomination form for this award.

Leader in Business Award – must have made a dynamic contribution to the Schuyler County business community within the last decade; must have expanded the business mix in Schuyler County; continues to foster economic opportunity such as creating new job opportunities; must have assumed considerable risk; highly respected entrepreneur.  Click here for a nomination form for this award.

Lifetime Achievement Award – may include a successful partnership of one or more persons; must own or manage a local business and have taken business risks to create jobs or trade over a period of time; must have demonstrated staying power as an established business; must be actively involved in the community and civic organizations in Schuyler County over the last 15 years; must be of the stature as to keep the award prestigious and compliment past/future winners; must be respected and recognized throughout the community, and must be a resident or own/manage a business in Schuyler County. Click here for a nomination form for this award.

The Max Neal Award – must have demonstrated consistent dedication, selflessness, faith, determination, and solid support in the future and well-being of the Chamber; must have made it clear to the Community that they recognize the Chamber as their Schuyler County organization of choice; is an amazing investor and mentor into the future leadership of Schuyler County; must be well-respected, highly honored and beloved by the residents of Schuyler County; and must have served on a committee or the board of directors ore been employed by the Chamber for a minimum of five years. Click here for a nomination form for this award.

For more information regarding award nominations please call the Chamber at 607-535-4300 or email them at