Mission, Vision, Values

As a growing Chamber of nearly 500 members, the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce unveiled a new mission, vision, and values for the organization on August 11, 2017.

Chamber President and CEO Rebekah Carroll shared, “Over the past several months, a committee comprised of board members and Chamber staff have been hard at work, determined to define mission, vision, and a set of values befitting this growing organization. We looked at where we’ve been, where we’re going, and where we want to be in the future.”

The committee included Board Chair Anne Welliver-Hartsing, Board Vice Chair Paul Thomas, Board Members Liz Salamendra, Amanda Smith-Socaris, and Deb Harrington, Chamber President and CEO Rebekah Carroll, and Chamber Tourism and Marketing Manager Brittany Gibson. The resulting work is outlined in the Chamber’s strategic declaration:


To advance economic success through support, promotion, and education.


To be an invaluable partner and resource.


Innovative, member focused, committed to growth, and dedicated to excellence.

A strategic declaration serves as an important reminder and a key benchmarking tool. It enables an organization to ask questions of itself when it comes to decision making, goal setting, and measuring success. Board Chair Anne Welliver Hartsing added, “This strategic declaration is indicative of our high standards, with an eye toward the incredible potential that exists in the business community in Schuyler County and the surrounding areas. As we move ahead, we will look to these statements as guide posts, which shall serve as the standard for our Chamber culture.”