Business and Education

The vision of the Business & Education Committee is to support current and future business people through:

1. Networking and business-related educational opportunities;
2. Providing organized forums to discuss business issues and, as appropriate, assist in developing ideas for resolving those issues;
3. Exposing young adults to life skills intended to enhance their chances for success in the work environment; and
4. Providing young adults the opportunity to meet and socialize with area business people.

In an effort to streamline our efforts, we will be combining the Business & Education, iLead, SPARK!
Leadership Summit, and Leadership Schuyler committees into one monthly meeting beginning May of
2019.  The original B&E Committee will still meet in February to set our annual scholarship topic, and the
SPARK committee will meet in February to finalize details of this year’s SPARK Summit.

Committee Members:

Holly Baker
Maggie Barnes
Dena Carrigan
Deb Harrington
Sarah Robbins
Matthew Sharpe
Cindy Williams
Liz Zemak
Rebekah Carroll
Anna Rainous

Support Staff: Events Manager