Gorge Around The Gorge

Restaurant Week, October 28-November 3, 2019

Gorge Around the Gorge is a week-long event celebrating the Watkins Glen area restaurants taking place October 28 through November 3, 2019. Participating restaurants will partner with the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce to offer $15 lunches and $35 dinner specials throughout the week-long celebration. 

Are you a restaurant interested in participating in our inaugural Gorge Around the Gorge Restaurant Week celebration?  Click here to view our registration agreement, or call the Chamber at 607-535-4300. 

We expect this event will:
1.    Bring you publicity
2.    Bring you new customers
3.    Rejuvenate your existing customers
4.    Bring a BIG spike in business during the event
5.    Increase business after the event

Make the most out of your Restaurant Week Participation! 
1.    Ensure your Restaurant Week Menu Represents Your Restaurant
The most important thing to do is make sure your menu represents your restaurant! The goal is to create an experience to get new customers in the door, and get them to return! You don’t want to reel them in with a false representation of your menu, only to have them return and be disappointed. Be sure to keep food costs in mind! 

2.    Increase Loyalty and Drive Repeat Business with Emails and Gift Cards
Give patrons a reason to return. Think about providing every Restaurant Week diner with a $25 gift certificate to be used up to six (6) weeks after the end of the event week. Not a fan of that? Then be sure to get everyone’s email address that walks through the door (we’ll help with that!) and add them to your email list! 

3.    Over Deliver on Expectations
Let’s be honest, profit margins will be a little lower than usual during Restaurant Week- but don’t skimp on staffing. Customer service needs to be your highest priority. Remember…new diners means new reviews and you want to be sure they’re saying great things! 

4.    Promote Your Involvement 
Use the hashtag, share WGACC posts, let people know you’re involved! This is a great way to reach new audiences. Encourage customers to share their experience! Be available for media interviews, whether it’s with WGACC or a news station! 

5.    Make a Video
It doesn’t have to be long…but consider making a teaser video to take a look at your menu for Restaurant week.  Or ask customers during the week if you can shoot brief customer review clips- and post a video after the event!

6.    Be Sure to Include an Option for Vegetarians, Vegans OR Dietary Restrictions (Gluten Free)
The goal is to appeal to the masses, in order to gain new customers. Be sure to provide an alternative for those who may not eat animal products. When following this tip, be sure you are also keeping tip #1 in mind! 

7.    Focus on the Big Picture
The goal of this event is to bring you publicity and new customers. Keeping in mind all of the things above…Restaurant Week will do just that! 

restaurant week poster