Grand Prix Festival

Watkins Glen, New York has a long and storied history in auto racing. In October 1948, our village streets played host to the first post-World War II road race in the United States and the rest, as they say, is history! In the ensuing decades, racing moved from the village streets to the famed course at Watkins Glen International (also known as WGI or "The Glen"). Today, WGI hosts NASCAR, IndySeries, IMSA, and many more.

Each year, this rich history is celebrated with the Grand Prix Festival in September. This year's event takes place on Friday, September 7, 2018 in downtown Watkins Glen. The main street (North Franklin) is closed to traffic and vintage cars are placed on display - hundreds of them! The rest of the day consists of a historic re-enactment, rallies of various specialty cars, wine tastings and a food court, a Walk of Fame induction ceremony, and much more! Learn more on the Grand Prix Festival website.