Hall of Fame

The confidential Advisory Committee of the Schuyler County Hall of Fame announced that it is currently seeking nominations for the 2018 Schuyler County Hall of Fame award. After a one year hiatus, the committee will accept nominations through July 27, 2018.

Nomination Submission Form

The following eight categories of distinction guide the selection committee in the selection process: agriculture/wine, government, public relations, business/industry, health care, tourism, education, and history. The criteria for selection are as follows: the candidate must be or have been a resident of Schuyler County; candidate must have distinguished him/herself and in doing so, brought reflected prestige to Schuyler County; and candidate must have been actively involved in his/her field for a significant number of years in Schuyler County.

The Hall of Fame was established to “recognize and honor dedicated individuals who have unconditionally contributed their energy, commitment, and persistence to achieving their vision for Schuyler County.” In that process, each member of the Hall of Fame will have improved and enhanced life in Schuyler County for the benefit of all. Sponsored by the Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce and in partnership with the Schuyler County Legislature, the Schuyler County Hall of Fame was first instituted in 1995. The inaugural class of eight honorees was inducted on October 27, 1995. Awards were made in 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013, and 2016, recognizing 44 individuals over the years. These 44 individuals’ pictures are framed an on display in the Schuyler County Court House in Watkins Glen, NY.

Previous Hall of Fame Inductees: Dutton Peterson; Anthony Specchio, Sr.; William Wickham IV; Bill Peters; Nick Anagnost; Lt. William Elkins; John Patrick Callanan, Sr; Max Neal; James D. Howell; James Wilson; Kenneth Wilson; Arthur Richards; Jean Argetsinger; Patricia Suits Ellison; Walter D. Hoffman; Phil Smith; Dr. Francis Ward; Mark Martin; Dr. Thomas (Jack) Love; Joseph Hoffman; Barbara Bell; John A. Beers; Stewart Coats; D. Lloyd Cotton; Maurice Dean; Michael Maloney; Anthony Poulos; William Simiele; Charles “Monte” Stamp; Hon. William Ellison; Irving D. Goodrich Sr.; Dr. Daniel L. Haley; Howard A. Hanlon; Gilbert H. Hillerman; Dr. James J. Norton; Dr. William F. Tague; Cameron Argetsinger; Harlow J. Bailey; Donald Brubaker Sr.; Warren W. Clute; Dr. Robert Michel; Dr. Lloyd N. Peak; Louise Stillman; and Don J. Wickham.