Small Business Saturday

Saturday, November 26


Now that Small Business Saturday (November 26) has come and gone... we're happy to announce the 25 Days of Shopping Small. Shop each day for different deals!

According to the American Independent Business Alliance, 48% of each purchase at a local independent business was recirculated locally. Through the multiplier effect, the impact of shopping locally snowballs. Maybe this means a business owner can…

  • Put a child through dance or martial arts class (at another local business)
  • Hire more people (creating jobs and infusing more money into the local economy)
  • Provide health insurance to employees (providing better quality of life and improving the local community)

25 Days of Shopping Small

Small Business Saturday should be every day! So, our local businesses are offering incentives to keep you shopping locally throughout the holiday season... and hopefully it will inspire you to "shop small" year-round! Our local shops are offering the 25 Days of Shopping Small, with different deals, discounts, and offers each day from November 27 through December 21. View them all by clicking the links below:

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