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Our charming area offers a robust selection of dining options, so prepare to be delighted!


When all of your exploration has left you hungry, don't worry! With a bevvy of unique eateries from which to choose, you are sure to find exactly what you're looking for to sate your appetite!

Grab some fresh goodies and coffee from a local bakery; grab a drink among the locals at one of our bars; enjoy the views at a lakefront restaurant; enjoy a quick bite at a quaint café; dine on the water aboard a lunch or dinner cruise; visit a classic restaurant; or enjoy dessert at one of our fabulous ice cream shops.

There is a saying in the culinary world, "What grows together, grows together." Fittingly, local chefs utilize local ingredients whenever possible to craft delicious cuisine that embodies the locavore mindset. So whether you sit down to enjoy a meal at a local cafe or restaurant, craft your own from farmers market finds, or pluck an apple from a u-pick orchard, remember that you are enjoying more than just our food. You are experiencing the tradition of our family farms, the dedication of our local chefs, and the passion of our communities.